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Rissoles No 3

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take of the pure made as directed for pheasant, veal, or game, (see

Pheasant under the head Game) a sufficient quantity for eight rissoles,

then a little of the jelly of veal, say about half a pint; put in it a

pinch of salt and of cayenne pepper, two table-spoonfuls of cream, the

yolk of one egg, and a piece of butter of the size of a walnut; mix this

sauce well together over the fire, strain it, and then add the pure. Let

it cool, and prepare a little puff-paste sufficient to wrap the rissoles

once over with it, taking care to roll the paste out thin. Fry them, and

send them up with fried parsley, without sauce. The rissoles must be

made stiff enough not to break in the frying.

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