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(Poultry) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Stuff and truss a chicken, season with pepper and salt and dredge with
flour. Put in a roasting-pan with two or three tablespoons of
chicken-fat if the chicken is not especially fat. When heated add hot
water and baste frequently. The oven should be hot and the time
necessary for a large chicken will be about an hour and a half. When
done, remove the chicken, pour off the grease and make a brown sauce in
the pan.

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Singe the fowl, after it has been picked; then with a small vegetable
brush quickly scrub it well, with luke-warm water. Do not let it lie
in the water. When perfectly clean rinse in cold water, wipe dry, cut
out the oil sack, remove craw from neck, draw the fowl, being careful
not to break the gall in the process, as that would cause the meat, as
well as giblets, to have a bitter taste. Take out the lungs, the
spongy red pieces lying in crevices near the bones of the back, and
pour cold water through the fowl until you have thoroughly rinsed and
chilled it, and no blood remains inside. I think fowls should be
rinsed thoroughly inside and outside with cold water (many good cooks
to the contrary). Wipe the inside of the fowl perfectly dry with a
clean cloth, and it is ready for the "filling." Separate the liver and
heart from entrails and cut open the piece containing the gizzard;
wash the outer part, and put the giblets on to cook with a little hot
water; if wanted to use with the filling. If the fowl is wanted to
cook or steam the day following, do not cut in pieces and let stand in
water over night, as I have known some quite good cooks to do, as that
draws the flavor from the meat and makes it tasteless. If the giblets
are not to be cooked and added to dressing, place them inside the
fowl, tie feet together, and hang up in a cool place until wanted.
When serving a turkey dinner with its accompaniments one finds so many
things to be attended to in the morning, especially if the fowl is
cooked on a Sunday. It will be found a great help to the cook to have
the turkey or chicken stuffed with bread filling the day before it is
to be roasted, ready to pop in the oven in the morning.

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