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(Poultry) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Draw the duck; stuff, truss and roast the same as chicken. Serve with
giblet sauce and currant jelly. If small, the duck should be cooked in
an hour.

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Use any filling you prefer; season with sage and onion, chopped fine;
Salt and pepper. (You can use this seasoning with mashed potatoes for
a stuffing). Young ducks should roast from twenty-five to thirty
minutes; full grown ones for two hours. Baste frequently. Serve with
currant jelly, apple sauce and green peas. If the fowls are old
parboil before roasting.

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Roast Duck With Apples


Pluck and singe a duck, draw it without breaking the intestines, wipe it

with a wet towel and lay it in a baking pan; wipe a dozen small sour

apples with a wet cloth, cut out the cores without breaking the apples,

and arrange them around the duck; put the pan into a hot oven and

quickly brown the duck, then moderate the heat of the oven and continue

the cooking for about twenty minutes, or until the apples are tender but

not broken, baste both duck and apples every five minutes until they are

done, and then serve them on the same dish. It is a great improvement

some think, to parboil the duck for fifteen minutes with an onion in the

water, and the strong fishy flavor that is sometimes so disagreeable in

wild ducks will have disappeared. A carrot will answer the same purpose.

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Baked Or Roast Ducks

These are to be dressed in the same way as directed for dressing geese.

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Roast Duck

The only way in the world to serve a canvas-back or a mallard, or a

sprig, or even the toothsome teal, is as follows: The plucked bird

should be stuffed with a tight handful of plain raw celery and, in a

piping oven, roasted variously 8, 9, 10, or even 11 minutes, according

to size of bird and heat of oven. The blood-rare breast is carved with

the leg and the carcass then thoroughly squeezed in a press. The

resultant liquid is seasoned with salt, pepper, lemon and paprika, and

poured hot over the meat. This method of roasting insures the maximum

tenderness and flavor in the bird. The longer the wild duck is roasted,

the dryer and tougher it becomes.

Hoping that you may find the foregoing useful for your collection, and

with best wishes for the success of your book.

Sincerely yours,


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