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Roast Fowl

(Sunday Dinners.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

You can generally buy a fowl for about a shilling a pound;

it need not be tender, but it ought to be fleshy in order to furnish the

basis for two meals. Choose a fowl which will cost fifty cents or less;

pluck all the pin feathers, singe off the hairs with a piece of burning

paper, or a little alcohol poured on a plate and lighted with a match;

then wipe the fowl with a clean damp cloth, draw it carefully by

slitting the skin at the back of the neck, and taking out the crop

without tearing the skin of the breast; loosen the heart, liver, and

lungs by introducing the fore-finger at the neck, and then draw them,

with the entrails, from the vent. Unless you have broken the gall, or

the entrails, in drawing the bird, do not wash it, for this greatly

impairs the flavor, and partly destroys the nourishing qualities of the

flesh. Twist the tips of the wings back under the shoulders; bend the

legs as far up toward the breast as possible, secure the thigh bones in

that position by a trussing cord or skewer; then bring the legs down,

and fasten them close to the vent. Put the bird into a pot containing

three quarts of boiling water, with one tablespoonful of salt, an onion

stuck with half a dozen cloves, and a bouquet of sweet herbs, made as

directed on page 19; skim it as soon as it boils, and as often as any

scum rises. If you wish to stuff the fowl use a forcemeat made as

follows, (cost ten cents,) and carefully sew it up in the carcass.

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Take a little stock, squeeze in the juice of a lemon, add a little
mushroom powder, cayenne pepper and salt; thicken with flour.

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Roast Fowl And Gravy

Let us hope that at Christmas, or some other festive season, you may

have to dress a fowl or turkey for your dinner. On such occasions I

would recommend the following method:--First, draw the fowl, reserving

the gizzard and liver to be tucked under the wings; truss the fowl with

skewers, and tie it to the end of a skein of worsted, which is to be

fastened to a nail stuck in the chimney-piece, so that the fowl may

dangle rather close to the fire, in order to roast it. Baste the fowl,

while it is being roasted, with butter, or some kind of grease, and when

nearly done, sprinkle it with a little flour and salt, and allow the

fowl to attain a bright yellow-brown colour before you take it up. Then

place it on its dish, and pour some brown gravy over it.

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Bread Sauce For A Roast Fowl

Chop a small onion or shalot fine, and boil it in a pint of milk for

five minutes; then add about ten ounces of crumb of bread, a bit of

butter, pepper and salt to season; stir the whole on the fire for ten

minutes, and eat this bread sauce with roast fowl or turkey.

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Egg Sauce For Roast Fowls Etc

Boil two or three eggs for about eight minutes; remove the shells, cut

up each egg into about ten pieces of equal size, and put them into some

butter-sauce made as follows:--viz., Knead two ounces of flour with one

ounce and-a-half of butter; add half-a-pint of water, pepper and salt to

season, and stir the sauce on the fire until it begins to boil; then mix

in the pieces of chopped hard-boiled eggs.

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