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Rolled Herrings

(Little Dishes Of Fish.) - (Nelsons Home Comforts)

Choose the herrings with soft roes. Having scraped and washed them, cut

off the heads, split open, take out the roes, and cleanse the fish. Hold

one in the left hand, and, with thumb and finger of the right, press the

backbone to loosen it, then lay flat on the board and draw out the bone;

it will come out whole, leaving none behind. Dissolve a little fresh

butter, pass the inner side of the fish through it, sprinkle pepper and

salt lightly over, then roll it up tightly with the fin and tail

outwards, roll it in flour and sprinkle a little pepper and salt, then

put a small game skewer to keep the herring in shape. Have ready a good

quantity of boiling fat; it is best to do the herrings in a wire-basket,

and fry them quickly for ten minutes. Take them up and set them on a

plate before the fire, in order that all the fat may drain from them.

Pass the roes through flour mixed with a sufficient quantity of pepper

and salt, fry them brown, and garnish the fish with them and crisp

parsley. A difficulty is often felt in introducing herrings at dinner on

account of the number of small bones in them, but this is obviated by

the above method of dressing, as with care not one bone should be left


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