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Roman Fry

(The Italian Cook Book)

(Fritto alla Romana)


Put on the fire a hash of onion and butter and when it is well browned

cook in it a piece of lean veal seasoned with salt and pepper. When the

meat begins to brown put in a little sherry wine to complete the


Pound the whole to soften it a little using the sauce remained and if

this is not enough add some broth and finally the yolk of an egg. See

that the whole is not softened too much.

Now take some wafers, not too thin and cut them in squares similar to

those used by druggists. Beat one egg and the white from the other egg,

then take a wafer, dip it in the egg and place it on a layer of bread

crumbs ground fine. On the wafer put a little ball of the compound

above, then dip another wafer in the egg, make it touch the bread crumbs

only from the part that remains outside, and with this cover the

compound attaching it to the lower wafer. Sprinkle again with bread

crumbs if necessary and put the piece aside repeating the operation

until all the meat is disposed of. Cook in oil or fat and serve with


With half a pound of meat about twenty filled wafers should be obtained.

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Roman Fry


This can be made when you happen to have some breast of roast chicken

left over. Some chicken breast, two or three slices of tongue and ham,

one tablespoonful of grated cheese, a taste of nutmeg, are the

ingredients used. Remove the skin of the chicken and cut it as well as

the tongue and the ham, into little cubes. Make a Balsamella (see No.

54) in sufficient quantity and when it is cooked add the above

ingredients and let it cool well to fry using the wafer as in the


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