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(Frozen Puddings And Desserts) - (Ice Creams, Water Ices, Frozen Puddings)

1 quart of red raspberries
1 pound of sugar
1 quart of water
Juice of two lemons
Add the sugar and the lemon juice to the raspberries, stir and stand aside
one hour. Press through a sieve, add the water, and freeze as directed on
page 63.
This will serve eight persons.

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From MRS. POTTER PALMER, of Chicago, President Board of Lady Managers
_With best wishes for your success, I am very sincerely yours,_
Boil together one quart of water and one pint of sugar for about half
an hour; add the juice of six good sized lemons and one orange; strain
and set away to cool. Then prepare the following: Boil together one
gill of sugar and one gill of water for eighteen minutes. While the
syrup is cooking, beat the whites of four eggs very stiff, and into
these pour the hot syrup very slowly--beating all the time, and
continue to beat a few minutes after it is all in. Set this away to
cool. Place the first mixture in the freezer and freeze by turning it
all the time for twenty minutes. Then take off the cover, remove the
beater and add one gill of sherry, two tablespoonfuls Jamaica rum and
the meringue, mixing this well with a spoon into the frozen
preparation. Cover again and set away until time to serve.
Serve in punch glasses, as a course between entreés and roast.

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Roman Punch

The juice of ten lemons, and of two sweet oranges, the peel of an orange

cut very thin, and two pounds of powdered loaf-sugar, mixed together.

Then take the white of ten eggs, beaten into froth. Pass the first

mixture through a sieve, and then mix it by degrees, always beating with

the froth of the eggs; put the whole into an ice-lead; let it freeze a

little; then add to it two bottles of champagne, or rum. Turn it round

with a ladle. The above is for twelve persons.

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