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Root Soup

(Soups.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Potatoes, French turnips, English turnips, carrots, celery, of each six

roots; pare and wash them; add three or four onions; set them on the

fire with the bones of a rump of beef, or, if you have no such thing,

about two pounds of beef, or any other beef bones. Chop them up, and put

them on the fire with water enough to cover them; let them stew very

gently till the roots are all tender enough to rub through a sieve. This

done, cut a few roots of celery small, and put it to the strained soup.

Season it with pepper and salt, and stew it gently till the celery is

tender; then serve it with toast or fried bread. A bundle of herbs may

be boiled in it, just to flavour it, and then taken out.

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