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(German) - (Pennsylvania Germans)

Prepare a batter from the following:
1 cup of sweet milk.
2 eggs.
Pinch of salt.
1 cup of flour, good measure.
Gradually mix the flour with the milk to form a smooth batter, free
from lumps. Add yolks, then the slightly-beaten whites of eggs. Fasten
the long handle to a wafer iron, shaped like a cup or saucer, and
stand it in hot fat, a mixture of 2/3 lard and 1/3 suet, or oil; when
heated, remove at once, and dip quickly into the batter, not allowing
the batter to come over top of the wafer iron. Then return it to the
hot fat, which should cover the wafer iron, and in about 25 or 30
seconds the wafer should be lightly browned, when the wafer may be
easily removed from the iron on to a piece of brown paper to absorb
any fat which may remain. This amount of batter should make about
forty wafers. On these wafers may be served creamed oysters,
vegetables, chicken or fruit. When using the wafers as a foundation on
which to serve fruit, whipped cream is a dainty adjunct. One
teaspoonful of sugar should then be added to the wafer batter. These
wafers may be kept several weeks, when by simply placing them in a hot
oven a minute before serving they will be almost as good as when
freshly cooked. Or the wafers may be served as a fritter by sifting
over them pulverized sugar and cinnamon.

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