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Rump Of Beef Cardinal Fashion

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Choose a rump of beef of moderate size, say ten or twelve pounds; take

out the bones; beat it, and lard it with a pound of the best bacon,

mingled with salt and spices, without touching the upper parts. Rub

half a quarter of a pound of saltpetre in powder into the meat that it

may look red; and put it into a pan with an ounce of juniper-berries a

little bruised, a tea-spoonful of brown sugar, a little thyme, basil,

and a pound of salt; and there let it remain, the pan being covered

close, for eight days. When the meat has taken the salt, wash it in warm

water, and put some slices of bacon upon the upper part on that side

which is covered with fat, and tie a linen cloth over it with

packthread. Let it stew gently five hours, with a pint and a half of red

wine, a pint of water, six onions, two cloves of garlic, five carrots,

two parsnips, a laurel leaf, thyme, basil, four or five cloves, parsley,

and scallions. When it is done, it may be either served up hot, or left

to cool in its own liquor, and eaten cold.

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