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(Salads) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Cut up all kinds of pickled cucumbers, small and large, sweet and sour,
also (senf) mustard pickles, into very small lengths, also pickled beans
and capers. Add six herring, which you have soaked in water for
twenty-four hours; skin and take out every bone, cut up as you did the
pickles. Add half a pound of smoked salmon, also cut into lengths, six
large apples chopped very fine, and one onion grated; mix all thoroughly
and pour a rich mayonnaise dressing over all. Next day line a salad bowl
with lettuce leaves, fill in the salad and garnish with hard-boiled
eggs, nuts, and capers.

Other Recipes

Russian Salad.

Season 4 pounds of lamb with salt, pepper and lemon-juice; put in the
dripping-pan with 2 small chopped onions, 1 bay-leaf, 2 sprigs of
parsley and thyme; then pour over 1/2 cup of butter and dredge with
flour. Add a cup of hot water and the juice of a lemon. Let bake in a
hot oven until done. Serve with French peas.

Other Recipes

Russian Salad

There comes a time during the week, even in careful housekeeping, when
there is an accumulation of little things, a few olives, a slice or two of
beet, perhaps two or three pieces of cooked carrot, a cold potato, a tiny
little bit of cold fish, or cold meats, and not more than a tablespoonful
or two of aspic jelly; these may all be utilized in a

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