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Salmon No 1

(Pickles.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Cut off the head of the fish, take out the intestines, but do not slit

the belly; cut your pieces across, about two or three inches in breadth;

take the blood next to the back clean out: wash and scale it; then put

salt and water over the fire, and a handful of bay leaves; put in the

salmon, and, when it is boiled, take it off and skim it clear. Take out

the pieces with a skimmer as whole as you can; lay them on a table to

drain; strain a handful of salt slightly over them; when they are cold,

stick some cloves on each side of them. Then take a cask, well washed,

and seasoned with hot and cold water, three or four days before you use

it; put in the pickle you boiled your salmon in hot, some time before

you use it; then take broad mace, sliced nutmeg, white pepper, just

bruised, and a little black; mix the pepper with salt, sufficient to

season the salmon; strew some pepper, salt, and bay-leaves, at the

bottom of the cask; then put in a layer of salmon, then spice, salt,

bay-leaves, and pepper, as before, until the cask is full. Put on the

head, and bore a hole in the top of it; fill up the cask with good white

wine vinegar, cork it, and, in two or three days, take out the cork and

put more vinegar, and the fat will come out; do so three or four times;

then cut off the cork, and pitch it; if it be for present use, put it in

a jar, closely covered.

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