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Salmon No 2

(Pickles.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Well scrape the salmon, take out the entrails, and well wash and dry it.

Cut it in pieces of such size as you think proper; take three parts of

common vinegar and one of water, enough to cover the fish. Put in a

handful of salt, and stir it till dissolved. Add some mace, whole

pepper, cloves, sliced nutmeg, and boil all these till the salmon is

sufficiently done. Take it out of the liquor, and let it cool. Put it

into a barrel, and over every layer of salmon strew black pepper, mace,

cloves, and pounded nutmeg; and, when the barrel is full, pour upon the

salmon the liquor in which it was boiled, mixed with vinegar, in which a

few bay-leaves have been boiled, and then left till cold. Close up the

barrel, and keep it for use.

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