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Salmon To Dress En Caisses That Is In Small Paper Cases

(Fish.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take two slices of fresh salmon, about the thickness of half a finger;

steep it an hour in sweet butter with mushrooms, a clove of garlic, and

a shalot, all shred fine, half a laurel-leaf, thyme, and basil, reduced

to a fine powder, salt, and whole pepper. Then make a neat paper box to

contain your salmon; rub the outside of it with butter, and put the

salmon with all its seasoning and covered with grated bread into it; do

it in an oven, or put the dish upon a stove, and, when the salmon is

done, brown it with a salamander. When you serve it, squeeze in the

juice of a large lemon. If you serve it with Spanish sauce, the fat

must be taken off the salmon before you put in the sauce.

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