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(Appetizers) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Take one-quarter pound salted sardellen and soak in water over night.
Bone the next morning, put in cloth and press until dry; chop very fine,
almost to a paste; take one-half pound sweet butter, stir to a cream and
add the sardellen. Serve on toasted cracker or bread. Sprinkle with the
grated yellow and grated white of egg.

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Brown a spoon of flour in heated fat, add a quantity of hot fish stock
and a few sardellen chopped fine, which you have previously washed in
cold water, also a finely-chopped onion. Let this boil a few minutes,
add a little vinegar and sugar; strain this sauce through a wire sieve
and add a few capers and a wineglass of white wine and let it boil up
once again and thicken with the yolk of one egg.

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