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(Salads And Sauces) - (The Art Of Living In Australia)

1/2 tin Sardines--4d.

2 Eggs--2d.

1 Lettuce--1/2d.

Salad Dressings--4d.

Total Cost--101/2 d.

Split the sardines open and remove the bone. Break some of the lettuce
into a bowl, lay on this the sardines. Chop up one of the eggs and
sprinkle over them, pour on the dressing. Cover with the rest of the
lettuce, and garnish with the other egg cut in slices, and a little
watercress or beetroot.

Other Recipes

Sardine Salad Sandwiches

These, like salmon sandwiches, are made from materials usually in every

household, and can be made at a moment's notice. Stir four

tablespoonfuls of oil into an egg, add a few drops of vinegar or lemon

juice. Remove the sardines from the oil, take off the tails and heads

and remove the bones. Mash them in a bowl, add a tablespoonful of

vinegar, or the same amount of lemon juice. If you have lettuce or

cress, either shred it, or put one leaf between the fish and the

buttered bread.

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