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(Fish And Oysters.) - (Recipes Tried And True)

Stir in one cup of drawn butter, the yolks of two eggs (well beaten),
pepper and salt, and a few sprigs of parsley. Let it boil. Pour over
fish when ready to serve.

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One-half cup butter, with one-half cup vinegar; let boil, then add two
mustardspoonfuls of prepared mustard, a little salt, and one egg,
beaten together. Make in the farina kettle. Stir while cooking.

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Take a piece of veal suitable for roasting, and put it in vinegar for
twenty-four hours.
Roast it with butter, pepper and salt, with a few slices of onion. Baste
it well, and when it is finished crush the onions in the gravy and add
some cream. Mix together with flour so as to thicken.
[_Mdlle. Spreakers_.]
_This is the demi-glaze Sauce which is used for all brown Sauces._
Take one pound of flour, dry it in the oven on a tray till it is the
color of cocoa; pass it through a sieve into a saucepan, moisten it with
stock, mixing very carefully. Boil it up two or three times during forty-
eight hours, adding two carrots, two onions, thyme, bay, all cut up,
which you have colored in the frying-pan, also some salt and peppercorns.
When it is all cooked, pass it through a cloth or sieve. When it is
reduced the first time, you should add some stock, but by the time it is
finished it should be fairly thick. It will keep for a fortnight.
[_G. Goffaux_.]

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Liver Sauce For Fish

Boil the liver of the fish--then mash it fine, stir it into drawn

butter, put in a little cayenne, or black pepper, a couple of tea

spoonsful of lemon juice, and a table spoonful of catsup.

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Carp Sauce For Fish

Put a little lean bacon and some slices of veal at the bottom of a

stewpan, with three or four pieces of carp, four anchovies, an onion,

two shalots, and tarragon, or any root to flavour to your taste. Let it

remain over a very slow fire for half an hour, and, when it begins to

thicken, or to stick to the pan, moisten it with a large glass of white

wine, two spoonfuls of cullis, and the same quantity of broth. Skim and

strain it through a sieve; it will want no salt.

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Dutch Sauce For Fish

Slice a little horseradish, and put it into a quarter of a pint of

water, with five or six anchovies, half a handful of white peppercorns,

a small onion, half a bay-leaf, and a very little lemon peel, cut as

thin as possible. Let it boil a quarter of an hour; then strain and

thicken with flour and butter and the yolk of an egg. Add a little elder

vinegar, and then squeeze it through a tamis. It must not boil after

being strained, or it will curdle.

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