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Sauce For Turkey Or Chicken

(Sauces.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Boil a spoonful of the best mace very tender, and also the liver of the

turkey, but not too much, which would make it hard; pound the mace with

a few drops of the liquor to a very fine pulp; then pound the liver, and

put about half of it to the mace, with pepper, salt, and the yolk of an

egg, boiled hard, and then dissolved; to this add by degrees the liquor

that drains from the turkey, or some other good gravy. Put these liquors

to the pulp, and boil them some time; then take half a pint of oysters

and boil them but a little, and lastly, put in white wine, and butter

wrapped in a little flour. Let it boil but a little, lest the wine make

the oysters hard; and just at last scald four spoonfuls of good cream,

and add, with a little lemon-juice, or pickled mushrooms will do better.

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