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(Meats) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Take a piece of cross-rib or middle cut of chuck about three pounds, and
put it in a deep earthen jar and pour enough boiling vinegar over it to
cover; you may take one-third water. Add to the vinegar when boiling
four bay leaves, some whole peppercorns, cloves and whole mace. Pour
this over the meat and turn it daily. In summer three days is the
longest time allowed for the meat to remain in this pickle; but in
winter eight days is not too long. When ready to boil, heat one
tablespoon drippings in a stew-pan. Cut up one or two onions in it; stew
until tender and then put in the beef, salting it on both sides before
stewing. Stew closely covered and if not acid enough add some of the
brine in which it was pickled. Stew about three hours and thicken the
gravy with flour.

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