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(German) - (Pennsylvania Germans)

Three and one-half pounds raw beef, or a mixture of beef and veal may
be used, run through a food chopper. A cheap cut of meat may be used
if, before chopping, all pieces of gristle are trimmed off. Place the
chopped meat in a bowl, add 8 tablespoonfuls of fine, dried bread
crumbs, 1 tablespoonful of pepper, 1-1/2 tablespoonfuls of salt. Taste
the meat before adding all the seasoning specified, as tastes differ.
Add 3 raw eggs, 4 tablespoonfuls of sweet milk or cream, 2
tablespoonfuls of butter, a little sweet marjoram or minced parsley.
Mix all together and mold into two long, narrow rolls, similar to
loaves of bread. Place 1 tablespoonful each of drippings and butter in
a large fry-pan on the range. When heated, place beef rolls in, and
when seared on both sides add a small quantity of hot water. Place the
pan containing meat in a hot oven and bake one hour. Basting the meat
frequently improves it. When catering to a small family serve one of
the rolls hot for dinner; serve gravy, made by thickening broth in pan
with a small quantity of flour. Serve the remaining roll cold, thinly
sliced for lunch, the day following.

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