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Scotch Short Bread

(Bread, Buns, Fritters.) - (My Recipes Tried And True)


One pound of flour, one half pound butter, six ounces sugar; cream

butter and sugar, add flour. Roll into a smooth ball and work down until

half an inch in thickness, an operation which is rather difficult for a

novice, as it is apt to crack at the edges; but the knack is soon

learned, and the more it is worked the better. Prick with a small

skewer, strew with large carraway comfits, and bake slowly, a pale


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Scotch Short Bread

Melt a pound of butter, pour it on two pounds of flour, half a

tea-cupful of yest, two ounces of caraway seeds, one ounce of Scotch

caraways; sweeten to your taste with lump sugar, then knead it well

together and roll it out, not too thin; cut in quarters and pinch it

round: prick it well with a fork.

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