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(Eggs) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Break into a bowl as many eggs as required, add salt and pepper. Have
some very hot butter in the frying-pan on the stove; pour in the eggs,
stir constantly until set, not stiff, and serve on a hot platter at

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Scald brains with hot water, clean and skin, and boil a few minutes in
fresh water. Melt a little fat in skillet, put in brains, finely
chopped, and stir well until dry and done. Add one teaspoon of chopped
parsley, pinch of salt, and three eggs well-beaten. Stir with a fork
until eggs are evenly cooked, put on hot platter, and serve immediately.

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Take one pound of cold, boiled sausage, skin and slice in half-inch
pieces. Place in a frying-pan with two tablespoons of hot fat; brown on
both sides a few minutes and just before serving add three eggs, beaten
slightly; mix; and cook until the eggs are set and serve immediately.
Chopped tongue root may be used instead of sausage.
Take slices of smoked breast of beef, brown in frying-pan; place on hot
platter. Slip as many eggs as are needed in frying-pan and cook gently
by dripping the hot fat over them until done. Place carefully on the
beef slices and serve at once.
Cheese should not be tightly covered. When it becomes dry and hard,
grate and keep covered until ready to use. It may be added to starchy
Care should be exercised in planning meals in which cheese is employed
as a substitute for meat. As cheese dishes are inclined to be somewhat
"heavy," they should be offset by crisp, watery vegetables, water cress,
celery, lettuce, fruit salads and light desserts, preferably fresh or
cooked fruit. Another point, too, is to be considered. Whether raw or
cooked, cheese seems to call for the harder kinds of bread--crusty rolls
or biscuits, zwieback, toast, pulled bread or hard crackers.
A soft, crumbly cheese is best for cooking.
Cheese is sufficiently cooked when melted, if cooked longer it becomes
tough and leathery.
Baking-soda in cheese dishes which are cooked makes the casein more

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Put two tablespoonfuls of butter in a shallow frying pan. Add a
tablespoonful of water to each egg. Six eggs are quite enough for four
people. Add a half teaspoonful of salt, and a saltspoonful of pepper.
Give two or three beats--enough to break the eggs; turn them into the
frying pan, on the hot butter. Constantly scrape from the bottom of
the pan with a fork, while they are cooking. Serve with a garnish of
broiled bacon and toast.
Pull apart a quarter of a pound of chipped beef, cover with boiling
water, let it stand ten minutes, drain and dry. Put it into a saucepan
with two level tablespoonfuls of butter, four eggs, beaten until they
are well mixed, and a dash of pepper. Stir with a fork until the eggs
are "set."

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6 eggs
1 can of shrimps or its equivalent in fresh shrimps
1 green pepper
1/2 pint of strained tomato
1/2 teaspoonful of salt
Beat the eggs until well mixed, without separating. Put the butter in
a saucepan, add the pepper, chopped; shake until the pepper is soft,
add the tomato and all the seasoning, and the shrimps. Bring to
boiling point, push to the back of the stove where it will simmer
while you scramble the eggs. Put the scrambled eggs on toast in the
center of a platter, pour over and around the shrimp mixture and send
to the table.
3 tomatoes
4 eggs
1 teaspoonful of onion juice
1 level teaspoonful of salt
1 saltspoonful of pepper
2 tablespoonfuls of butter
Peel the tomatoes, cut them into halves and squeeze out the seeds. Cut
the tomatoes into small bits, put them into a saucepan with the salt,
pepper and butter; when these are hot add the eggs, beaten until well
mixed, stir until the eggs are "set," turn into a heated dish, garnish
with toast and send to the table.
This is an exceedingly nice dish for supper where one does not care
for meat. Four or six eggs can be used to each half-pint of cold
boiled rice, and either three fresh tomatoes, chopped, or two-thirds
of a cupful of solid strained tomato. Put a tablespoonful of butter, a
half teaspoonful of salt, a saltspoonful of pepper and the tomatoes
into a saucepan; when hot add the rice, and when the rice is hot add
the eggs, beaten without being very light. As soon as the eggs are
"set" serve this in a vegetable dish covered with squares of toasted
bread. This recipe is also nice with hard-boiled eggs; proceed as
directed, and at last add the hard-boiled eggs, sliced.
1 small can of asparagus tips
6 eggs
1 tablespoonful of butter
1/2 teaspoonful of salt
1 dash of pepper
Beat the eggs, add the salt, pepper and butter. Put them into a
saucepan, add at once the asparagus tips and stir with a fork until
the mixture is "set."

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Put half cup of cream sauce into shallow baking dish. Open eggs
carefully and place on sauce; cook over boiling water from 10 to 15
minutes or until eggs are set or are as firm as desired. Cover with
half cup of cream sauce, sprinkle with chopped parsley and dust with
paprika and serve.

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Break eggs into bowl, season with salt and pepper and pour into hot,
frying pan in which butter has been melted. Cook over slow fire and as
eggs thicken stir until cooked. If desired eggs may be beaten with 1
tablespoon milk to each egg and cooked in same way.

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9 Scrambled Eggs With Shad Roes

When you have shad for dinner scald the roes ten minutes in boiling

water (salted), drain, throw into cold water, leave them there three

minutes, wipe dry, and set in a cold place until you wish to use them.

Cut them across into pieces an inch or more wide, roll them in flour,

and fry to a fine brown. Scramble a dish of eggs, pile the roes in the

centre of a heated platter, and dispose the eggs in a sort of hedge all

around them From "The National Cook Book," by Marion Harland and

Christine Terhune Herrick.

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Scrambled Eggs

(Uova strapazzate)

Break the eggs in a plate, assuring first that they are all fresh.

Melt in a saucepan a piece of butter about as big as an egg. When it is

melted pour the egg and scramble them with a fork on a low fire.

When the eggs are cooked season moderately with salt and butter. Just

when you take them away from the fire and before serving add a

tablespoonful of milk or liquid cream. Serve hot with a little grated


The scrambled eggs can be served with points of asparagus, truffles,

mushrooms, etc. which are prepared just as if they were to go in an


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Scrambled Eggs

Beat the desired number enough to break the yolks, season with salt and

pepper, and add a tablespoonful of milk for each egg. Put in a hot pan

half a teaspoonful of butter for each egg, and when melted, pour in the

beaten eggs. Stir constantly, scraping from the bottom of the pan until

cooked enough to suit individual taste, but watch closely, for the

longer they cook the drier they become. Garnish with parsley or with

dried beef, frizzled in a hot skillet with a small quantity of butter.

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