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(Sweets) - (The Art Of Living In Australia)

1 lb. Flour--2d.

6 oz. Dripping

6 oz. Sugar--1 1/2d.

1 1/2 teaspoonsful Caraway Seeds--1/2d.

1 Egg--1d.

2 teaspoonsful Baking Powder

1 gill Milk or Water--1 1/2d.

Total Cost--61/2 d.

Time--One Hour and a Half.

Sift the flour into a basin and rub in the dripping; carefully stir in
the sugar, baking powder, and caraway seeds.
Beat up the egg and milk or water, and mix the dry ingredients
into a dough; beat for two or three minutes. Turn into a cake tin which
has been well rubbed with dripping, stand on a baking sheet and place
in a moderate oven. Bake for one hour and a half or longer, test it by
running a skewer right through the centre; if it comes out clean the
cake is done. Turn it out of the tine carefully and stand on a sieve
till cold.
3/4 lb. Flour--1 1/2d.

1/2 pint Milk--1d.

1 oz. Butter--1d.

2 teaspoonsful Baking Powder--1 1/2d.

Total Cost--5d.

Time--10 Minutes.

Rub the butter into the flour, stir in the baking powder, and make into
a very light dough with the milk; turn on to a floured board, knead for
a few minutes, roll out about half an inch thick. Cut into shapes, put
on to a floured tin, and bake in a quick oven for about ten minutes.
Serve either hot or cold.
1 lb. Flour--2d.

1/2 pint Sour Milk

3 teaspoonsful Baking Powder

1 teaspoonful Salt--1 1/2d.

Total Cost--31/2 d.

Time--5 Minutes.

Mix the flour, baking powder, and salt together, mix into a very light
dough with the milk, adding a little more milk if necessary; turn on to
a floured board and knead till smooth, roll out half an inch thick. Cut
into small rounds and bake for about five minutes.
1 lb. Flour--2d.

2 oz. Dripping

1 oz. Sugar

1/2 pint Sour Milk

1 teaspoonful Cream of Tartar

1/2 teaspoonful Carbonate of Soda--1 1/2d.

Total Cost--31/2 d.

Time--20 Minutes.

Rub the dripping into the flour; stir in the sugar, cream of tartar,
and soda. Mix into a very light dough with the milk, turn on to a
floured board; divide into two parts. Flatten these out into two cakes,
divide each one into four pieces, brush over with milk. Put on to a
floured tin and bake in a hot oven from fifteen to twenty minutes.

Other Recipes

Seed Cakes

A cup and a half of granulated sugar, a cup and a half of butter, four

eggs, one tablespoonful of caraway seed and flour to roll. Beat the

butter and sugar to a cream, add the yolks beaten light, then the

caraway seed. Beat the whites of eggs to a stiff froth and add

alternately with the flour--do not make the dough stiff. Roll thin, cut

in small cakes and bake in a quick oven.

Other Recipes

Seed Cake No 1

Heat a wooden bowl, and work in three pounds of butter with your hands,

till it is as thin as cream; then work in by degrees two pounds of fine

sugar sifted, and eighteen eggs well beaten, leaving out four of the

whites; put the eggs in by degrees. Take three pounds of the finest

flour, well dried and sifted, mixed with one ounce and a half of caraway

seeds, one nutmeg, and a little mace; put them in the flour as you did

the sugar, and beat it well up with your hands; put it in your hoop; and

it will take two hours' baking. You may add sweetmeats if you like. The

dough must be made by the fire, and kept constantly worked with the

hands to mix it well together. If you have sweetmeats, put half a pound

of citron, a quarter of a pound of lemon-peel, and put the dough lightly

into the hoop, just before you send it to the oven, without smoothing it

at top, for that makes it heavy.

Other Recipes

Seed Cake No 2

Take a pound and a half of butter; beat it to a cream with your hand or

a flat stick; beat twelve eggs, the yolks in one pan and the whites in

another, as light as possible, and then beat them together, adding by

degrees one pound and a half of well dried and sifted loaf-sugar, and a

little sack and brandy. When the oven is nearly ready, mix all together,

with one pound and a half of well dried and sifted flour, half a pound

of sliced almonds, and some caraway seeds: beat it well with your hand

before you put it into the hoop.

Other Recipes

Seed Cake No 3 Called Borrow Brack

Melt one pound and a half of butter in a quart of milk made warm. Mix

fourteen eggs in half a pint of yest. Take half a peck of flour, and one

pound of sugar, both dried and sifted, four ounces of caraway seeds, and

two ounces of beaten ginger. Mix all well together. First put the eggs

and the yest to the flour, then add the butter and the milk. Make it

into a paste of the substance of that for French bread; if not flour

enough add what is sufficient; and if too much, put some warm new milk.

Let it stand for above half an hour at the fire, before you make it up

into what form you please.

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