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Seed Cake No 1

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Heat a wooden bowl, and work in three pounds of butter with your hands,

till it is as thin as cream; then work in by degrees two pounds of fine

sugar sifted, and eighteen eggs well beaten, leaving out four of the

whites; put the eggs in by degrees. Take three pounds of the finest

flour, well dried and sifted, mixed with one ounce and a half of caraway

seeds, one nutmeg, and a little mace; put them in the flour as you did

the sugar, and beat it well up with your hands; put it in your hoop; and

it will take two hours' baking. You may add sweetmeats if you like. The

dough must be made by the fire, and kept constantly worked with the

hands to mix it well together. If you have sweetmeats, put half a pound

of citron, a quarter of a pound of lemon-peel, and put the dough lightly

into the hoop, just before you send it to the oven, without smoothing it

at top, for that makes it heavy.

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