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Shrewsbury Cakes

(Confections.) - (My Recipes Tried And True)


Rub to a cream six ounces of sugar, with six ounces of butter, add two

well beaten eggs and work in twelve ounces flour, adding a teaspoonful

of rose water. Roll out thin and cut into small cakes.

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16 Shrewsbury Cakes

Sift a lb. of sugar, some cinnamon and a nutmeg into 3 lbs. of flour;

add a little rose water, and 3 eggs beaten light and mix well with the

flour; then pour into it as much melted butter as will make it a good

thickness to roll out. Mould it well, roll thin and cut it into shapes.

Bake on tin sheets.

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Shrewsbury Cakes

And here each season do _those cakes_ abide,

Whose honored names the inventive city own,

Rendering through Britain's isle Salopia's praises known.


Sift one pound of sugar, some pounded cinnamon and a nutmeg grated, into

three pounds of flour, the finest sort; add a little rose-water to three

eggs well beaten; mix these with the flour, &c.; then pour into it as

much butter melted as will make it a good thickness to roll out.

Stir it well, and roll thin; cut it into such shapes as you like. Bake

on tins.

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Shrewsbury Cakes

Take three pounds and a half of fresh butter, work the whey and any salt

that it may contain well out of it. Take four pounds of fine flour well

dried and sifted, one ounce of powdered cinnamon, five eggs well beaten,

and two pounds of loaf-sugar well dried and sifted. Put them all into

the flour, and work them well together into a paste. Make it into a

roll; cut off pieces for cakes and work them well with your hands. This

quantity will make above six dozen of the size of those sold at

Shrewsbury. They require great care in baking; a short time is

sufficient, and the oven must not be very hot.

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