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Skirt Steak With Raisin Sauce

(American Cookery)

Make a rich stuffing by chopping together three-fourths a pound of

veal, one-half a pound of ham, and an ounce of beef suet or other fat.

Add the grated rind of a small lemon, and a teaspoonful of dried, mixed

herbs, or of kitchen bouquet, two beaten eggs, a grate of nutmeg, and

one cup of cream. Cook all together over hot water until mixture is the

consistency of custard; thicken further with fine bread crumbs, and let

cool. Divide a two-pound skirt steak into halves, crosswise, spread the

stuffing over both parts, roll up each one and tie. Let steam for half

an hour, then put into a hot oven to finish cooking and brown. Serve

with Raisin Sauce.

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