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Smelts Trout And Perch

(Fish, Fresh And Dried) - (Cookery For Little Girls)

Smelts, trout, perch and other small fish, are fried whole, while the

larger kinds are cut in pieces called fillets. After washing, drying and

seasoning with pepper and salt, each piece should be dipped in finely

rolled, dried bread or corn meal, and laid on the bread-board. When all

through, beginning with the first, dip each one in well-beaten, seasoned

egg, and then in the crumbs again, taking pains to have them covered

completely. Lay back on the board to dry before cooking. Heat a half

cupful of lard in a skillet until smoking hot, then put in the fish and

fry on one side until brown. Turn carefully to avoid breaking, and brown

on the other side, but do not turn more than once, and watch to keep

from burning. Many cooks use flour or rolled crackers for covering the

fish, but the bread crumbs do not hold as much grease, and the fish

always seem to fry better than when dipped in anything else. When cooked

a deep, rich brown, lift out on to brown paper to drain, and then slip

on to a hot platter and send to the table at once, garnished with slices

of lemon, parsley or water cress.

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