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(Belgian) - (The Belgian Cook-book)

Wash and scrape a pound of carrots, slice them, treat two medium sized
potatoes in the same manner, add a bay leaf, a sprig of thyme and a
chopped onion. Cook all with water, add salt, pepper, and cook gently
till tender, when pass it through a sieve. Put in a pan a lump of butter
the size of an egg, with a chopped leek and a sprig of chervil. Let it
cook gently for three or four minutes, then pour on the puree of carrots
and let it all come to the boil before taking it off to serve.
[_Madame Stoppers._]

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There are many varieties of this soup to be met with in the different
hotels, but it is a white soup, made of fish pieces and trimmings,
strained, returned to the pot, and with plenty of cream and oysters added
before serving. It should never boil after the cream is put in. A little
mace is usual, but no onions or shallot. A simple variety is made with
flour and milk instead of cream, the liquor of the oysters as well as the
oysters, and a beaten egg added at the last moment.

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Sorrel Soup

Pick off the stems and wash the leaves of a quart of sorrel, boil in

salted water, drain and chop fine, mix butter and flour in a saucepan

and when the butter is melted turn in the sorrel and let cook for a

couple of minutes. Add three pints of beef or veal stock well seasoned

and stir until it boils. Just before serving beat up two eggs and turn

over them the boiling soup, which will cook them sufficiently. A sliced

onion, or a few blades of chives boiled with the sorrel is a welcome

flavor occasionally, also the stock may be half meat stock and half

cream or milk.

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Sorrel Soup

Sorrel is an excellent ingredient for soup. Its acid

leaves are much appreciated by the French; the wild sorrel may be used,

but now that truck gardeners are cultivating it extensively, it will be

found less troublesome to use the latter.

The Germans make the best sorrel soup; their recipe is as follows:--Wash

and pick over two quarts of sorrel; remove the stems; then cut the

sorrel into pieces. Heat two ounces of butter in a small saucepan; add

the sorrel and a few blades of chives; cover without water and allow it

to steam for half an hour. Stir to prevent burning; sprinkle over this a

tablespoonful of flour free from lumps. Now add three quarts of

well-seasoned veal stock; taste for seasoning; boil once, and send to

table with croutons or small bits of toast. This an excellent spring and

summer soup.

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