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(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Two table-spoonfuls of ground rice, half a pint of milk or cream, and

the rind of a lemon, pared very thin, sugar, and a bay-leaf, to be

stewed together for ten minutes; take out the peel, and let it stand

till cold; then add the yolks of four eggs, which have been well beaten,

with sifted sugar; the four whites to be beaten separately to a fine

froth, and added to the above, which must be gently stirred all

together, put into a tin mould, and baked in a quick oven for twenty


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Omelette Souffle

Beat to a cream the yolks of six eggs, four tablespoonfuls of sugar
and the grated rind of half a lemon. Whip the whites of the eggs to
a stiff froth. Place in a frying pan over the fire four ounces of
butter. When it is melted mix the yolks and whites together and stir
quickly into the pan. As soon as the eggs have absorbed the butter,
pour them into a buttered baking dish and set in a hot oven for six or
seven minutes. Serve at once.

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Take a nice ripe pineapple, grate it and sweeten to taste. Beat the
whites of two eggs stiff and mix with the pineapple. Before serving,
whip half a pint of cream and put on the pineapple.

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Remove the pits from a large cup of stewed prunes and chop fine. Add the
whites of three eggs and a half cup of sugar beaten to a stiff froth.
Mix well, turn into a buttered dish and bake thirty minutes in a
moderate oven. Serve with whipped cream. If it is desired to cook this
in individual cups, butter the cups, fill only two-thirds full, to allow
for puffing up of the eggs, and set the cup a in a pan of water to bake.
Some like a dash of cinnamon in this.

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Yolks of six eggs and six tablespoons of powdered sugar, added
gradually, and both beaten together until thick and smooth; juice of one
lemon and a little grated rind; whites beaten as stiff as possible,
stirred together. Put into a warm well-buttered dish; bake in quick oven
ten minutes.

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Dissolve one and one-half tablespoons of butter, add one tablespoon of
flour, stir until it loosens from the pan; add one and one-half cups of
rich milk, pepper and salt. Take from the fire, add gradually four egg
yolks and three-quarters of a cup of grated cheese, then the stiffly
beaten whites of eggs. Bake in a hot oven in china ramekins about
fifteen minutes and serve immediately.
Take one pint of milk, four tablespoons of flour, and use enough of the
milk to dissolve the flour, the balance put in double boiler; when it
boils, add the dissolved flour, then add one-quarter pound imported
Swiss cheese grated. Let these two boil for fifteen minutes; when cool,
add the yolks of four eggs; drop one in at a time and beat, then strain
through a fine sieve about ten minutes before you put in the pans; beat
the whites of two eggs and put in the above and mix; grease timbal
forms, fill three-quarters full only; bake in pan of boiling water
twenty minutes. Let them stand about two minutes, turn out on little
plates, and serve with tomato sauce, a sprig of parsley put on top of
each one.

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No. 131. Soffiato di Cappone (Fowl Souffle)

Ingredients: Fowl, Bechamel, stock, semolina flour, potatoes,
salt, eggs, butter, smoked tongue or ham.
Prepare a puree of fowl or turkey and a small quantity of grated
tongue or ham, and whilst you are pounding the meat add some good
gravy or stock. Then make a Bechamel sauce (No. 3) and add two
table-spoonsful of semolina flour, a boiled potato and salt to
taste, boil it up and add the puree of fowl, then let it get nearly
cold, add yolks of eggs and the white beaten up into a snow. (For
one pint of the puree use the yolks of three eggs.) Pour the whole
into a buttered souffle case, and half an hour before serving put
it in a moderate oven and serve hot. You can use game instead of
fowl, and serve in little souffle cases.

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Allow one egg to each person. Have everything in readiness. The
maraschino cherries must be drained free from the liquor. Separate the
eggs. Beat the whites until they are stiff. Add a level tablespoonful
of powdered sugar to each white, and beat until dry and glossy. Add
the yolks of three eggs. Mix quickly. Add the grated rind of one lemon
and a tablespoonful of lemon juice. Heap this into individual dishes.
Make a tiny little hole in the center and put in a maraschino cherry,
leaving the hole large enough to hold a tablespoonful of the liquor
when the omelet is ready to serve; dust it with powdered sugar, bake
in a quick oven about three minutes, take it from the oven, pour in
the maraschino juice and send _at once_ to the table. These will fall
if baked too much, but when well made and served quickly, is one of
the daintiest of desserts.

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1 pint Milk--2d.

2 Eggs--2d.

1 oz. Flour

1 oz. Sugar


Total Cost--5d.

Time--40 Minutes

Put the milk on to boil, mix the flour smoothly with a little
cold milk; when the milk in the saucepan nearly boils stir this in and
stir until it boils. Then take off the fire and beat in the sugar,
flavouring, and the yolks of the eggs. Whisk the whites to a stiff
froth and stir them lightly in, pour into a buttered pie-dish, and bake
in a brisk oven for forty minutes; serve hot.

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6 Bananas--2d.

2 oz. Sugar--1/2d.

1/2 pint Milk--1d.

2 Eggs--2d.

Total Cost--51/2 d.

Time--5 Minutes.

Choose ripe bananas, peel and slice them up, and lay them in a glass
dish, sprinkle with sugar. Make a custard with the milk and yolks of
the eggs by directions for boiled custard, flavour with a pinch
of ginger, and pour it over the bananas. Let it stand till quite cold,
then whip the whites to a very stiff froth and heap them on top;
sprinkle with sugar, and serve.

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Pare and slice eight oranges, boil one cup sugar, one pint milk, three
eggs, one tablespoon corn starch. As soon as thick, pour over the
oranges; beat the whites of eggs to a stiff froth; sweeten; put on
top, and brown in oven. Serve cold.

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