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"The best soups are made with a blending of many flavors. Don't be

afraid of experimenting with them. Where you make one mistake you will

be surprised to find the number of successful varieties you can produce.

If you like a spicy flavor try two or three cloves, or allspice, or bay

leaves. All soups are improved by a dash of onion, unless it is the

white soups, or purees from chicken, veal, fish, etc. In these celery

may be used. In nothing as well as soups can a housekeeper be economical

of the odds and ends of food left from meals. One of the best cooks was

in the habit of saving everything, and announced one day, when her soup

was especially praised, that it contained the crumbs of gingerbread from

her cake box! Creamed onions left from a dinner, or a little stewed

corn, potatoes mashed, a few baked beans--even a small dish of apple

sauce have often added to the flavor of soup. Of course, all good meat

gravies, or bones from roast or boiled meats, can be added to your stock

pot. A little butter is always needed in tomato soup. In making stock,

use a quart of water for every pound of meat and bone. Cut the meat in

pieces, crack the bones, place all in the kettle, pour over it the

proper quantity of cold water; let it soak a while on the back of the

range before cooking. Let soup boil slowly, never hard, (an hour for

each pound of meat) strain through a sieve or coarse cloth. Never let

the fat remain on your soup. Let get cold and lift it off, or skim it

off hot."

Other Recipes

Onion Soup

Place six ounces of butter in a large saucepan over the fire, and stir
into it four large white onions cut up, not sliced. Stew this very
slowly for one hour, stirring frequently to prevent its scorching. Add
salt, pepper, cayenne, and about one quart of stock, and cook one hour
longer. Then stir into the mixture one and a half cups of milk and
simmer for a few minutes. Have ready a soup tureen. In it beat the
yolks of four eggs with two tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese.
Stir the hot soup into this, beating until it thickens a little. A
slice of toasted French bread should be placed in each plate, and the
soup poured over it.

Other Recipes

Palestine Soup

Slice two or three Jerusalem artichokes and place in two quarts
of boiling water. Cook for one and one-half hours. Then rub the
artichokes through a colander and add to them one pint of the water
in which they were boiled. Stir in two tablespoonfuls of flour rubbed
into the same amount of butter. Add two cups of milk and boil for ten
minutes. Season with salt and pepper and serve with croutons.

Other Recipes

Black Bean Soup

Soak over night one quart of black turtle beans in water to cover
them. In the morning strain and boil them in four quarts of water
for one hour, skimming frequently. Then put into the liquor two white
onions sliced, two stalks of celery cut into bits, salt, pepper,
cayenne, and one teaspoonful each of cloves and allspice. Boil for
three hours. Remove from the stove and add enough stock to thin the
mixture to the consistency of a cream soup. Pour into it nearly a
tumbler of sherry and add a thinly sliced lime. Place over the fire
to boil for five minutes. Just before serving stir into the soup three
hard-boiled eggs, finely chopped. Force meat balls may be added.

Other Recipes

Parker House Tomato Soup

Put into a saucepan five pounds of tomatoes, either fresh or canned,
with one quart of water, salt, pepper, cayenne, one and one-half
tablespoonfuls of sugar, and three ounces of butter, rubbed into one
heaping tablespoonful of flour. Cook slowly one hour. Remove from the
fire and rub through a sieve. Place over the fire again and add one
and one-half tablespoonfuls of rice flour which has been dissolved in
a little water. Let it come to a boil, when it is ready to serve.

Other Recipes

Celery Soup

Boil one small cupful of rice in three pints of milk, or two pints of
milk and one of cream, until it is tender. Then rub it through a sieve
and add one quart of veal stock, salt, cayenne, and three heads of
celery (the white stalks only) which have been previously grated. Boil
until the celery is tender.

Other Recipes

Lobster Soup

Pick the meat from a five pound lobster and pound it in a mortar,
adding from time to time a little milk or cream. When perfectly
smooth, add two teaspoonfuls of salt, one tablespoonful of chopped
parsley (if liked), cayenne and mace. Take out enough to make a dozen
small balls, mix this with the yolk of an egg and fry it in butter.
Mix the rest of the pounded lobster with two quarts of milk and rub
through a sieve. Put this in a saucepan and simmer ten minutes. Add
two ounces of butter and stir until melted and smooth. Pour over the
fried balls in the tureen and serve very hot.

Other Recipes

Venison Soup

Cut six pounds of lean venison into medium sized pieces and place in
a soup kettle with two gallons of cold water, to which add two dozen
cloves and four blades of mace. Boil slowly three hours. Then add two
pounds of venison, cut into pieces about an inch square and one dozen
force meat balls. Boil for thirty minutes. Then season with salt,
pepper, cayenne, and half a glass of lime juice, letting the soup cook
ten minutes longer. It should be served in hot bowls in each of which
is poured a half glass of port before serving. Crisp croutons may be

Other Recipes

Clear Soup Stock

To four pounds of beef add six quarts of cold water and place over the
fire. Just before it boils, skim it carefully. Then add two cups of
cold water and skim again, repeating this for a third skimming. Allow
it to simmer slowly for three hours. Then add the vegetables; eight
ounces each of cut up carrots, onions and turnips, and three ounces
of celery, with salt and pepper. Simmer three hours longer. The stock
should be strained before using, and while cooking it should not be
allowed to boil.

Other Recipes


Take about three quarts of any strong stock, seasoned with a bunch of
sweet herbs, a carrot, turnip, and a head of celery, which must not
be served in the soup. Vermicelli, maccaroni, or thin slices of carrot
and small sippets of fried bread cut in fancy shapes, are usually
served in this soup.

Other Recipes


Take two chickens, cut them up small, as if for fricassee, flour
them well, put them in a saucepan with four onions shred, a piece of
clarified fat, pepper, salt, and two table spoonsful of curry powder;
let it simmer for an hour, then add three quarts of strong beef gravy,
and let it continue simmering for another hour; before sent to table
the juice of a lemon should be stirred in it; some persons approve of
a little rice being boiled with the stock, and a pinch of saffron is
also sometimes added.

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