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(Meats) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

The meat must be cooked until very tender then lift it out of the soup
and lay upon a platter and season while hot. Heat a tablespoon of fat or
drippings of roast beef in a spider, cut up a few slices of onion in it,
also half a clove of garlic, add a tablespoon of flour, stirring all the
time; then add soup stock or rich gravy, and the soup meat, which has
been seasoned with salt, pepper and ginger. You must sprinkle the spices
on both sides of the meat, and add one-half teaspoon of caraway seed to
the sauce, and if too thick add more soup stock and a little boiling
water. Cover closely and let it simmer about fifteen minutes.

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The meat which has been boiled down for soup makes a nice salad. When
the stock has been poured off, press the meat into a basin with about a
gill of jelly stock, and some salt and pepper. When cold and firm, cut
it into neat pieces and lay in a salad bowl. Pour over it some
remoulade sauce and shred on top some nice white lettuce leaves; it may
be garnished with beetroot or hard boiled eggs.

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