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Soup No 1

(Soups.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

A quarter of a pound of portable soup, that is, one cake, in two quarts

of boiling water; vegetables to be stewed separately, and added after

the soup is dissolved.

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Giblet Soup No 1

Take the desired quantity of strong beef gravy; add to it a few slices

of veal fried in butter; take a piece of butter rolled in flour, and

with it fry some sliced onion and thyme; when made brown, add it to the

soup. When sufficiently stewed, strain and put to it two spoonfuls of

ketchup, a few spoonfuls of Madeira, and a little lemon juice. The

giblets being separately stewed in a pint of water, add their gravy to

the soup.

Other Recipes

Gravy Soup No 1

Put two pounds of gravy beef, cut in small pieces, with pepper, salt,

some whole pepper, and a piece of butter, the size of a walnut, into a

stewpan. When drawn to a good gravy, pour in three quarts of boiling

water; add some mace, four heads of celery, one carrot, and three or

four onions. Let them stew gently about an hour and a half; then strain;

add an ounce and half of vermicelli, and let it stew about ten minutes


Other Recipes

Mock Turtle Soup No 1

Take a calf's head, very white and very fresh, bone the nose part of it;

put the head into some warm water to discharge the blood; squeeze the

flesh with your hand to ascertain that it is all thoroughly out; blanch

the head in boiling water. When firm, put it into cold water, which

water must be prepared as follows: cut half a pound of fat bacon, a

pound of beef suet, an onion stuck with two cloves, two thick slices of

lemon; put these into a vessel, with water enough to contain the head;

boil the head in this, and take it off when boiled, leaving it to cool.

Then make your sauce in the following manner: put into a stewpan a pound

of ham cut into slices; put over the ham two knuckles of veal, two

large onions, and two carrots; moisten with some of the broth in which

you have boiled the head to half the depth of the meat only; cover the

stewpan, and set it on a slow fire to sweat through; let the broth

reduce to a good rich colour; turn up the meat for fear of burning. When

you have a very good colour, moisten with the whole remaining broth from

the head; season with a very large bundle of sweet herbs, sweet basil,

sweet marjoram, lemon-thyme, common thyme, two cloves, and a bay leaf, a

few allspice, parsley, and green onions and mushrooms. Let the whole

boil together for one hour; then drain it. Put into a stewpan a quarter

of a pound of very fresh butter, let it melt over a very slow fire; put

to this butter as much flour as it can receive till the flour has

acquired a very good brown colour; moisten this gradually with the broth

till you have employed it all; add half a bottle of good white wine; let

the sauce boil that the flour may be well done; take off all the scum

and fat; pass it through a sieve. Cut the meat off the calf's head in

pieces of about an inch square; put them to boil in the sauce; season

with salt, a little cayenne pepper, and lemon juice. Throw in some

forcemeat balls, made according to direction, and a few hard yolks of

eggs, and serve up hot.

Other Recipes

Mulligatawny Soup No 1

Cut in pieces three fowls; reserve the best pieces of one of them for

the terrine; cut the remainder very small: add to them a pound of lean

ham, some garlic, bay-leaves, spices, whole mace, peppercorns, onions,

pickles of any kind that are of a hot nature, and about four

table-spoonfuls of good curry-powder. Cover the ingredients with four

quarts of strong veal stock, and boil them till the soup is well

flavoured: then strain that to the fowl you have reserved, which must be

fried with onions. Simmer the whole till quite tender, and serve it up

with plain boiled rice.

Other Recipes

Onion Soup No 1

Take twelve large Spanish onions, slice and fry them in good butter. Let

them be done very brown, but not to burn, which they are apt to do when

they are fried. Put to them two quarts of boiling water, or weak veal

broth; pepper and salt to your taste. Let them stew till they are quite

tender and almost dissolved; then add crumbs of bread made crisp,

sufficient to make it of a proper thickness. Serve hot.

Other Recipes

Green Pea Soup No 1

Take a knuckle of veal of about four pounds, chop it in pieces, and set

it on the fire in about six quarts of water, with a small piece of lean

ham, three or four blades of mace, the same of cloves, about two dozen

peppercorns, white and black, a small bundle of sweet herbs and parsley,

and a crust of French roll toasted crisp. Cover close, and let it boil

very gently over a slow fire till reduced to one half; then strain it

off, and add a full pint of young green peas, a fine lettuce, cut small,

four heads of celery, washed and cut small, about a quarter of a pound

of fresh butter made hot, with a very little flour dredged into it, and

some more lettuce cut small and thrown in. Just fry it a little; put it

into the soup; cover it close, and let it stew gently over a slow fire

two hours. Have a pint of old peas boiled in a pint of water till they

are very tender, then pulp them through a sieve; add it to the soup, and

let it all boil together, putting in a very little salt. There should be

two quarts. Toast or fry some crust of French roll in dice.

Other Recipes

Pea Soup No 1

Take two pints of peas, one pound of bacon, two bunches of carrots and

onions, two bunches of parsley and thyme; moisten the whole with cold

water, and let them boil for four hours, adding more water to them if

necessary. When quite done, pound them in a mortar, and then rub them

through a sieve with the liquor in which they have been boiling. Add a

quart of the mixed jelly soup, boil it all together, and leave it on a

corner of the fire till served. It must be thick and smooth as melted

butter, and care taken throughout that it does not burn.

Other Recipes

Vegetable Soup No 1

Take a quart of beef jelly and the same quantity of veal jelly: boil it,

have some carrots and turnips, cut small, previously boiled in a little

of the jelly; throw them in, and serve it up hot.

Other Recipes

White Soup No 1

Take two chickens; skin them; take out the lungs and wash them

thoroughly; put them in a stewpan with some parsley. Add a quart of veal

jelly, and stew them in this for one hour over a very slow fire. Then

take out the chickens, and put a penny roll to soak in the liquor; take

all the flesh of the chickens from the bones, and pound it in a mortar,

with the yolk of three eggs boiled hard. Add the bread (when soaked

enough) and pound it also with them; then rub the whole finely through a

sieve. Add a quart more jelly to the soup, and strain it through a

sieve; then put the chicken to the soup. Set a quart of cream on the

fire till it boils, stirring it all the time; when ready to serve, pour

that into the soup and mix it well together. Have ready a little

vermicelli, boiled in a little weak broth, to throw into the soup, when

put into the terrine.

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