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Spanish Onions Mango Of

(Pickles.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Having peeled your onions, cut out a small piece from the bottom, scoop

out a little of the inside, and put them into salt and water for three

or four days, changing the brine twice a day. Then drain and stuff them,

first putting in flour of mustard, then a little ginger cut small, mace,

shalot cut small, then more mustard, and filling up with scraped

horseradish. Put on the bottom piece, and tie it on close. Make a strong

pickle of white wine vinegar, ginger, mace, sliced horseradish, nutmeg,

and salt: put in your mangoes, and boil them up two or three times. Take

care not to boil them too much, otherwise they lose their firmness and

will not keep. Put them, with the pickle, into a jar. Boil the pickle

again next morning, and pour it over them.

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