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Spanish Soup

(Soups.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Put the scrag end of a neck of veal, two calves' feet, two pounds of

fresh beef, one old fowl, into a pot well tinned, with six quarts of

water, and a little salt, to raise the scum, which must be very

carefully taken off. Let these boil very gently two hours and a half,

till the water is reduced to four quarts; then take out all the meat,

strain the broth, and put to it a small quantity of pepper, mace,

cloves, and cinnamon, finely pounded, with four or five cloves of

garlic. A quarter of an hour afterwards add eight or ten ounces of rice,

with six ounces of ham or bacon, and a drachm of saffron put into a

muslin bag. Observe to keep it often stirred after the rice is in, till

served up. It will be ready an hour and a half after the saffron is in.

You should put a fowl into it an hour before it is ready, and serve it

up whole in the soup.

This soup will keep two or three days.

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