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(Garnishes And Dumplings For Soup) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Beat one egg well, add one-half teaspoon of salt, three-fourths cup of
flour and one-third cup of water, stirring to a stiff, smooth batter.
Drop by teaspoons into boiling soup ten minutes before serving.

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Sift two cups of flour into a bowl, make a depression in the centre and
break into it two eggs, add a saltspoon of salt and enough water or milk
to form a smooth, stiff dough. Set on some water to boil, salt the water
and when the water boils drop the spaetzle into it, one at a time. Do
this with the spoon with which you cut the dough, or roll it on a board
into a round roll and cut them with a knife. When the spaetzle are
done, they will rise to the surface, take them out with a perforated
skimmer and lay them on a platter. Now heat two tablespoons of butter
and add bread crumbs, let them brown for a minute and pour all over the
spaetzle. If you prefer you may put the spaetzle right into the spider
in which you have heated the butter. Another way to prepare them is
after having taken them out of the water, heat some butter in a spider
and put in the spaetzle, and then scramble a few eggs over all, stirring
eggs and spaetzle together. Serve hot.

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Brown three tablespoons of flour with one tablespoon of sweet drippings,
add a small onion finely chopped, then cover the spider and let the
onion steam for a little while; do this over a low heat so there will be
no danger of the union getting too brown; add vinegar and soup stock and
two tablespoons of sugar. Let this boil until the sauce is of the right
consistency. Serve with spaetzlen made according to the foregoing
recipe, using water in place of the milk to form the dough. Pour the
sauce over the spaetzlen before serving. By adding more sugar the sauce
may be made sweet sour.
Chop and pass through a colander one-half pound of calf's liver; rub to
a cream four ounces of marrow, add the liver and stir hard. Then add a
little thyme, one clove of garlic grated, pepper, salt and a little
grated lemon peel, the yolks of two eggs and one whole egg. Then add
enough grated bread crumbs or rolled crackers to this mixture to permit
its being formed into little marbles. Drop in boiling salt water and let
cook fifteen minutes; drain, roll in fine crumbs and fry in hot fat.

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