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(Introductory Remarks.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Take a fine thick piece of brisket of beef not fat, let it lay three
days in a pickle, as above, take it out and rub in a mixture of spices
consisting of equal quantities of ground all-spice, black pepper,
cloves, ginger and nutmegs, and a little brown sugar, repeat this
daily for a week, then cover it with pounded dried sweet herbs, roll
or tie it tightly, put it into a pan with very little water, and bake
slowly for eight hours, then take it out, untie it and put a heavy
weight upon it; this it a fine relish when eaten cold.

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Spiced Beef

Rub well into a round weighing forty pounds, three ounces saltpetre, let

stand six or eight hours, pound three ounces allspice, one pound black

pepper, two pounds salt, and seven ounces brown sugar; rub the beef well

with the salt and spices. Let it remain fourteen days turning it every

day and rub with the pickle, then wash off the spices and put in a deep

pan, cut small six pounds of suet, put some in the bottom of the pan,

the greater part on the top, cover with coarse paste and bake eight

hours; when cold take off the paste pour off the gravy, it will keep six


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Spiced Beef


Two pounds of raw steak from the round, free from bone, fat or sinew,

chopped very fine, six soda biscuits rolled fine, one cup of milk, two

eggs beaten in one tablespoon salt, one dessertspoon of pepper, and add

a little spice if you like. Butter an earthenware jar as large round the

top as the bottom and press the mixture in very lightly. Cover with

butter one half inch thick. Cover the jar with a plate and bake in an

oven for two hours. Serve whole or cut in slices. Nicer cold.

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Spiced Beef

This is a very nice way of keeping beef if the weather is hot and one

has no ice. Cut the meat up, salt a little, turn it into a bowl, and

just cover with vinegar. Sprinkle well with mixed spices. When ready to

use, fry with tomatoes and onions. This may be kept for several days

without ice, even in the hottest weather.

Other Recipes

Spiced Beef

Chop one pound raw beefsteak and a piece of suet or pork the size of

an egg. Add one-half pint bread crumbs or crackers, two eggs, six

tablespoons cream or milk, a small piece of butter. Season with

savory, marjoram, salt and pepper. Mix and make in a roll with flour

enough to keep together. Bake. When cold slice thin.

* * *

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