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(Preserved Fruit) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Take nice firm cucumbers, slice thin and salt overnight. In the morning
take vinegar sufficient for covering the quantity prepared, mixed spices
and sugar according to taste. Put on to cook and when boiling put in the
cucumbers and cook for thirty minutes. Delightful as a relish, and can
be kept for a long time if put in airtight jars.

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24 medium-sized cucumbers.
6 medium-sized onions.
3 red peppers.
3 green peppers.
Pare cucumbers, then cut in inch lengths. Slice onions and peppers
quite thin. Place all in a large earthenware bowl and sprinkle over
about 1/2 cup of table salt; mix all well together, let stand four or
five hours, when place in a colander; cover with a plate and drain off
all the salt water possible or squeeze through a cheese-cloth bag.
Boil together for 10 minutes the following; 1 quart of vinegar, 1
tablespoonful of cloves, 1 teaspoonful of turmeric powder (dissolved
in a little of the vinegar) and 1 scant cup of sugar. Add the
cucumbers, peppers and onions to the hot vinegar. Let come to a boil
and allow all to boil two minutes, then place in sterilised jars and

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