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(Preserved Fruit) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Pare the apples, "Pound Sweets" are best; crab-apples may be pickled the
same way, but do not pare. Leave on the stems and put into a kettle with
alternate layers of sugar; take four pounds of white sugar to nine
pounds of fruit, and spice with an ounce of cinnamon bark and half an
ounce of cloves, removing the heads. Heat slowly to a boil with a pint
of water; add the vinegar and spices, and boil until tender. Take out
the fruit with a perforated skimmer and spread upon dishes to cool. Boil
the syrup thick; pack the apples in jars and pour the syrup over them
boiling hot. Examine them in a week's time, and should they show signs
of fermenting pour off the syrup and boil up for a few minutes, and pour
over the fruit scalding, or set the jars (uncovered) in a kettle of cold
water and heat until the contents are boiling, and then seal.

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