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(Preserved Fruit) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Take the largest and freshest red cherries you can get, and pack them in
glass fruit jars, stems and all. Put little splints of wood across the
tops of the fruit to prevent rising to the top. To every quart of
cherries allow a cup of best pickling vinegar, and to every three quarts
of fruit one pound of sugar and three sticks of whole cinnamon bark and
one-half ounce of cloves; this quantity of spices is for all of the
fruit. Boil the vinegar and spices and sugar for five minutes steady;
turn out into a covered stoneware vessel, cover, and let it get cold.
Then pour over the fruit and repeat this process three days in
succession. Remove the heads of the cloves, for they will turn the fruit
black. You may strain the vinegar after the first boiling, so as to take
out the spices, if you choose. Seal as you would other fruit. Be sure
that the syrup is cold before you pour it over the cherries.

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