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Spinach To Stew

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Pick the spinach very carefully; put it into a pan of water; boil it in

a large vessel with a good deal of salt to preserve the green colour,

and press it down frequently that it may be done equally. When boiled

enough to squeeze easily, drain it from the water, and throw it into

cold water. When quite cold, make it into balls, and squeeze it well.

Then spread it on a table and chop it very fine; put a good piece of

butter in a stewpan, and lay the spinach over the butter. Let it dry

over a slow fire, and add a little flour; moisten with half a pint of

beef jelly and a very little warm water: add a little cayenne pepper.

This spinach should be very like thick melted butter, and as fine and

smooth as possible.

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