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Spruce Beer

(Wines, Cordials, Liqueurs, &c.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

For one quarter cask of thirty gallons take ten or twelve ounces of

essence of spruce and two gallons of the best molasses; mix them well

together in five or six gallons of warm water, till it leaves a froth;

then pour it into the cask, and fill it up with more water. Add one pint

of good yest or porter grounds; shake the cask well, and set it by for

twenty-four hours to work. Stop it down close. Next day, draw it off

into bottles, which should be closely corked and set by in a cool cellar

for ten days, when it will be as fine spruce-beer as ever was drunk. The

grounds will serve instead of yest for a second brewing.

In a hot climate, cold water should be used instead of warm.

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