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(Vegetables) - (The Art Of Living In Australia)

3 heads of Celery--3d.

1 oz. Butter--1d.

1/2 gill Milk

1 oz. Flour

Pepper and Salt--1d.

Total Cost--5d.

Time--Half an Hour

Take only the white and best part of celery for this dish, pull it to
pieces, wash well in salt and water, and tie in a bundle. Put it into
boiling water seasoned with salt, and boil for about half an hour, or
until the fork will go through easily. Take half a pint of the
water in which it was boiled and mix it with the milk; make a sauce
with this and the butter and flour by directions given for sauces. Dish
the celery and pour the sauce over. This is an excellent food for
anyone suffering from, or subject to, rheumatism or gout. Celery is
also very nice stewed in broth or gravy and thickened with a little
butter and flour.

Other Recipes

Stewed Celery

After celery is cut up and soaked in cold water for fifteen minutes,

then cooked until tender, it must be drained in the colander, thrown

into cold water to blanch and become firm, and then thoroughly heated in

a white sauce. If the cold bath is neglected the result will be flat and

discolored instead of white and crisp.

Other Recipes

20 Stewed Celery In Brown Sauce

Cut the celery in six inch lengths, boil in salt and water, strain. Put

1/2 a pint of soup stock or gravy on the fire and cook the celery in

it; add pepper and salt, a little nutmeg, 4 tablespoonfuls of cream, a

little thickening of butter and flour. Simmer only a few minutes.

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