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Stewed Sausage

(Sunday Dinners.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

Prick a pound and a half of sausages, (cost eighteen

cents,) lay them in hot water for three minutes, roll them in flour, put

them in a hot frying pan, and fry them brown; take them up and fry about

half a loaf of stale bread sliced, in the same pan; put this on a

platter, lay the sausages on it, and pour over them a gravy made as

follows; after taking up the sausages, pour into the pan half a pint of

boiling water, season it to taste with salt and pepper, thicken it with

one tablespoonful of flour mixed smooth in half a cupful of cold water,

add to it one chopped pickle, boil it up, and pour it over the sausages

and bread. The seasoning and flour will cost two cents, the bread three,

and the whole dish about twenty-three cents. If you serve it with a

quart of plain boiled potatoes it will cost twenty-five or twenty-six


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Stewed Sausages

First, prick your sausages well all over with a fork, and soak them in

very hot water, for two or three minutes, to swell them out; next, roll

them in flour, and fry them brown without overdoing them, as that

renders them dry, and spoils them. When the sausages are done and put on

a plate, fry some slices of bread, and put these on a dish; then put the

sausages on the fried bread, and shake a spoonful of flour in the pan;

add a pennyworth of chopped mixed pickles, a gill of water, and a little

pepper and salt; give this gravy a boil up, and pour it over the


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