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Stewed Squabs

(Meats) - (Joe Tilden's Recipes For Epicures)

Make a stuffing of the livers and hearts of six birds chopped fine,
with a little butter, chopped pork, the yolk of an egg, salt, cayenne
and a little lemon. Stuff the squabs with the above. Put them in a
stew pan and cover with stock and stew one-half hour. Take out the
birds, add salt, cayenne, three tablespoonfuls of mushroom catsup, one
tablespoonful Worcestershire sauce, one tablespoonful of lime juice,
a large glass of port or sherry, and two ounces of butter, mixed with
three tablespoonfuls of browned flour.
Return the birds to the sauce for ten minutes. Fry some thick slices
of bread, place a bird on each and pour the sauce over them.

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Stewed Squabs

(Piccioni in umido)

Garnish the squabs with whole sage leaves and place them in a saucepan

over a bed of small slices of ham containing both lean and fat, season

with salt, pepper and olive oil. Place on the fire and when they begin

to be browned, add a piece of butter and complete the cooking by pouring

in some good broth. Before removing from the fire squeeze one lemon over

them and garnish with squares or diamonds of toasted bread. Take care

not to add too much salt on account of the ham and the broth both

containing salt.

Note--Many of these dishes, it will be noticed, are made with broth.

When meat broth is not available, it can be prepared with bouillon cubes

or with Liebig or Armour Extracts. It is, however, always preferable to

use broth made with fresh meat.

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