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(Coffee Cakes (kuchen)) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Sift two pounds of flour into a bowl and set a sponge in it with one
cake of compressed yeast, one teaspoon of salt, one pint of lukewarm
milk and one tablespoon of sugar. When this has risen, add one-half
pound of creamed butter, a quarter of a pound of seeded raisins and
one-quarter of a pound of sugar, yolks of four eggs, four ounces of
powdered almonds, and the grated peel of a lemon. Work all well, beating
with the hands, not kneading. Let this dough rise at least three hours,
roll, press down the centre and fold over double, then form into one or
two long loaves, narrow at the end. Brush the top with melted butter,
let rise again and bake three-quarters of an hour in a moderate oven.

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