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Strawberries To Preserve For Eating With Cream

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take the largest scarlet strawberries you can get, full red, but not too

ripe, and their weight in double-refined sugar. Take more strawberries

of the same sort; put them in a pot, and set them in water over the fire

to draw out the juice. To every pound of strawberries allow full half a

pint of this juice, adding to it nearly a quarter of a pound more sugar.

Dip all the sugar in water; set it on the fire; and, when it is

thoroughly melted, take it off, and stir it till it is almost cold. Then

put in the strawberries, and boil them over a quick fire; skim them;

and, when they look clear, they are done enough. If you think the syrup

too thin, take out the fruit, and boil it more; but you must stir it

till it is cold before you put the strawberries in again.

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