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Strawberries To Preserve In Gooseberry Jelly

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take a quart of the sharpest white gooseberries and a quart of water;

let them come up to a boil, and then strain them through a lawn sieve.

To a pint of the liquor put one pound of double-refined sugar; let it

boil till it jellies; skim it very well, and take it off; when cool, put

in the strawberries whole and picked. Set them on the fire; let them

come to a boil; take them off till cold; repeat this three or four times

till they are clear; then take the strawberries out carefully, that they

may not bruise or break, and boil the jelly till it is stiff. Put a

little first in the bottom of your pots or glasses; when set, put in the

rest, first mixed with the strawberries, but not till nearly cold.

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