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Strawberry Cream

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Exactly the same as raspberry.

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Crema Montata Alle Fragole Strawberry Cream

Ingredients: Cream, castor sugar, Maraschino, strawberries or strawberry


Put a pint of cream on ice, and after two hours whip it up. Pass

three tablespoonsful of strawberry jam through a sieve and add two

tablespoonsful of Maraschino; mix this with the cream and build it up

into a pyramid. Garnish with meringue biscuits and serve quickly. You

may use fresh strawberries when in season, but then add castor sugar to


Other Recipes

Strawberry Cream

Dissolve an ounce of Nelson's Gelatine, previously soaked in a gill of

cold water, in a pint of hot milk. When it is so nearly cold as to be on

the point of setting, add half-a-pint of strawberry syrup, and

sufficient rose colouring to make it a delicate pink; whisk the cream

until it is light and frothy, stir in lightly a gill of whipped cream,

then mould it.

A good syrup can be made for this cream by putting half-a-pound of

strawberry and half-a-pound of raspberry jam into half-a-pint of boiling

water, and, after having well stirred it, rubbing it through a fine

sieve. The syrup should not be too sweet, and the addition of the juice

of one or two lemons, or a little citric acid, will be an advantage.

Creams, which have cochineal colouring in them, should not be put into

tin moulds, as this metal turns them of a mauve shade. Breton's Rose

Colouring is recommended, because it is prepared from vegetables, and is

free from acid.

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