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(Frozen Desserts) - (The New Dr. Price Cookbook)

1 quart cream
1 cup sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
Scald 1 cup of cream; add sugar and stir until dissolved. Cool and add
remainder of cream and vanilla. Freeze as above.

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1 quart of cream
1 quart of raspberries
12 ounces of sugar
Juice of one lemon
Mash the raspberries; add half the sugar and the lemon juice. Put the
remaining sugar and half the cream in a double boiler; stir until the sugar
is dissolved, and stand aside to cool; when cold, add the remaining cream,
turn the mixture into the freezer, and stir until partly frozen. Remove the
lid and add the mashed raspberries, and stir again for five or ten minutes
until the mixture is sufficiently hard to repack.
This will serve eight or ten persons.

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Strawberry Ice Cream

A pint of cream, a pint of strawberry puree and three-quarters of a

pound of sugar. Mix the sugar and strawberry puree together and let it

stand until the sugar is dissolved, then add the cream; pass it through

a sieve and freeze.

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