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(Jellies) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

To five quarts of strawberries add one quart of currants and proceed as
with Currant Jelly; but boil fifteen minutes.

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7 Strawberry Jelly

Soak 1/2 box of gelatine in 1/2 a cupful of cold water until soft. Add

1/2 a cupful of boiling water. Crush 1 qt. of strawberries and strain

out the juice. Add to it 1 cupful of sugar and the juice of 1 lemon. Add

this syrup to the hot gelatine. Strain through a flannel bag and mould

in a porcelain dish. Serve with whipped cream From "Good


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Tapioca And Strawberry Jelly

Five ounces of Groult's tapioca, two cups of boiling water, two cups of

strawberry juice, four heaping tablespoonfuls of sugar and a dash of

salt. Hull and wash the berries, mash with a spoon and strain through a

fine cheese-cloth. Put the boiling water in a double boiler, and

sprinkle in the tapioca, stirring to prevent lumping. Let it cook until

clear, add the sugar and salt, and then the strawberry juice, and boil

until thick--a few minutes only; turn into an earthenware mould; when

cold set on the ice. It is better to make it the day before it is

wanted. It should be served with cream.

Other Recipes

Strawberry Jelly

Boil two ounces of isinglass in a quarter of a pint of water over a

gentle fire, and skim it well. Mash a quart of scarlet strawberries in

an earthen pan with a wooden spoon; then put in the isinglass, some

powdered sugar, and the juice of a good lemon--this quantity is for six

small moulds; if you do not find it enough, add a little more water;

then run it through a tamis, changing it two or three times.

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